My Philosophy

Dr. Deborah vanVliet

I feel very privileged to be a plastic surgeon. I love that my surgical practice combines science, technical skill sets and aesthetic sensibilities – it’s a perfect marriage for me. I am always committed to bringing the safest and highest standard of care to my patients.

Becoming a reconstructive plastic surgeon was an easy choice for me. I’m so fortunate to be a member of a group of dedicated professionals who are busy saving lives, re-attaching limbs, reconstructing breasts, cleft lips, hands and many other parts of the human anatomy. I also enjoy the cosmetic portion of my practice. I have a gentle aesthetic sensibility, one that honours women, recognizing them for who they really are, regardless of shape or form or where they are in their life cycle. I simply love helping my patients look and feel their best.

The cosmetic and beauty industry can leave women feeling marginalized, inadequate or heaven forbid … invisible if you are over 50! We live in a very youth-oriented culture, one that equates youth with beauty and aging with disease. I am very uncomfortable with the objectification and hyper-sexualization of the female form that is pushed at us in the media. As both an aesthetic surgeon and a woman, I feel a real loyalty and protectiveness towards the women in my practice. I want each and every one of them feeling proud and feeling beautiful! My promise to women is to listen and to honour their wishes while giving them expert counsel and safe, effective care.

Subtlety and refinement is critical for me. I’m a woman too! I would be horrified to have puffed lips and a face that doesn’t move. I don’t do makeovers – the term bothers me. It implies that there’s something wrong with you when there isn’t. My philosophy with aesthetics is this: a great job means that patients never look “done”. They never look like they’ve had any intervention. Patients simply look natural, refreshed and looking like their best self. That means if you’ve had a breast augmentation procedure done by me, you can be naked in the locker room and never have anyone guessing or knowing that you’ve had surgery. Or if you’ve had facial rejuvenation procedures such as injectables or laser treatments, we turn back the clock … but have you looking age appropriate and like your best version of yourself. When you look your best, you feel your best … at any age!