Meet Our Team

Meet the Team

Dr. Deborah vanVliet

Dr. Deborah vanVliet is a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial rejuvenation, and the surgical refinement and reshaping of the female form.

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Kezia Mc

Kezia is our delightful medical aesthetician. She has an excellent knowledge of the skin and its care, and she brings her passion and vitality to her work at The Van Vliet Clinic.

She is well educated and graduated with Honours standing from the Canadian Beauty College. She also holds a Medical Aesthetics Diploma. Kezia keeps very current on the science of skin care and works very closely with Dr. vanVliet to help tailor comprehensive skin care regimens for our patients. She is highly adept at a wide variety of medical grade treatments, ranging from chemical peels to many light and laser based treatment modalities.  She loves people and is committed to educating you and helping you with your skin care.

Franca Mok

Franca graduated from Vanier College in 1984 and has worked with a number of Plastic surgeons in a wide variety of roles since 1996.

Franca works closely with Dr vanVliet as her surgical patient coordinator.  She is delightful, warm and comforting – she also has great clinical acumen.  She is a current member of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgery Nurses (CSPSN) and a past vice-president of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Nurses.

Lynda vanLieshout

Lynda has worked as Dr. vanVliet’s executive assistant and patient coordinator for the past 17 years.

She is intelligent, highly organized and our patients love her.  She is very knowledgeable regarding the procedures and products available at the Van Vliet clinic and she will provide you with excellent service and guidance. She will coordinate all of your consultations and procedures for you.