Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Dr vanVliet did a phenomenal job with my breast surgery.  Having never had any type of surgery and being fairly nervous about the procedure – she made sure that I felt as comfortable as possible.  The results are better than I could have ever imagined!  I feel so much lighter, and most importantly, my confidence is better than ever!  I would absolutely do this surgery again if needed.  The staff were super friendly and this surgery is definitely the best decision I ever made!  Thank you so much Dr vanVliet


I had a breast reduction with liposuction recently.  I put off surgery for a long time because of fear.  Finally I decided to bite the bullet and I cannot say enough about my experience. Not only is Dr vanVliet an artist, she and her staff are very warm and friendly.  My results are fantastic – I look and feel better – and my posture is better!

Dr vanVliet is a very caring and professional surgeon. Franca is amazing also. I would absolutely recommend Dr vanVliet..5+ stars! I have nothing but good to say about my experience. I only wish I would have done it sooner.  Thank you Dr vanVliet.


Last year Dr vanVliet performed a breast reduction with liposuction on my daughter.  This was the best thing we could have done for her and what a difference it has made!  Shopping for clothes no longer ends in tears – you’ve never seen anyone happier to buy off the rack.

A happy Mother’s report

From the very start I found Dr V very confident and passionate about my whole procedure.  She explained everything thoroughly and in a way easy for me to understand. My appointments were  set  up and followed up by her staff in a very timely, professional and friendly way.  My breast lift procedure was very comfortable with very little pain or discomfort afterwards.  Dr V and her nurse were very caring and informative of how everything would heal and what to expect.  They were there every step of the way and always open to my calls and questions.  The whole experience was a very positive one!

Patient 319

Dr vanVliet and her team were amazing!  Right from the beginning I was made to feel comfortable and at ease.  I had support right from the start – I felt I was in good hands all the way to the end.  I cannot believe how much more confident I feel about myself after my breast and tummy tuck surgery.  I would do this all over again in a heartbeat.  Thank you Dr vanVliet and your wonderful team for making me feel so amazing.  I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


Dr vanVliet and her staff have been so supportive of my breast lift and implant surgery.  From the first day Dr vanVliet surpassed my expectations on the results I was hoping to achieve. Her extreme care and attention to detail and what I was hoping to look like after surgery are the reasons this whole experience has been so easy to go through.  You only have to meet Dr vanVliet once to know how passionate she is about her patients and her dedication to achieving outstanding results.  Thank you to her and her team for truly making a difference!


Dr vanVliet is an amazing doctor -very professional, knowledgeable and caring.  I felt very comfortable with her and my whole experience was great! I would recommend her in a heartbeat! Her staff is wonderful and they make you feel cared for and at home.  Thank you to everyone at the Van Vliet Clinic!!


I would recommend Dr vanVliet and her clinic in a heartbeat! 

I would not hesitate.  Dr vanVliet is a very compassionate doctor with a great bedside manner.  She was always supportive and I  felt listened to and cared for by her- and her wonderful team.  I would say that both my breast reduction and tummy tuck procedures were wonderful experiences.


As sisters we have struggled with our weights since puberty. Two years ago we both had gastric bypass surgery.  We met with tremendous success with weight loss but it left us with loose, flabby, unattractive skin excess that dampened our joy.  Upon first meeting Dr vanVliet it was clear that she has a profound passion for her work.  She was warm, caring and understanding of our concerns and desires.  Her care of us was stellar!  When we meet with her we feel that we are the most important clients she has.

Jennifer and Jackie Morgan

Dr vanVliet is amazing!  I couldn’t ask for a better doctor during and after my surgery. Her whole staff was excellent too.  I would have my tummy tuck again in a heartbeat!   I went to a few doctors for consultations before meeting Dr vanVliet but they didn’t feel right.  I wanted to feel comfortable and listened to. Even my husband loved it at the Van Vliet clinic.  They included him and let him be involved in my care.

Out of 10 I would give the Van Vliet clinic a 15!


I would recommend Dr vanVliet to anyone.  Her style is comforting but direct.  She is very honest and told me exactly what I could expect from my breast reduction and tummy tuck surgery and the recovery.  I was never worried.  She was very thorough, and covered off everything.  In fact, she had prepared me so well that after surgery, during my recovery, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it all went exactly the way she said it would..I wish Id done it years ago! It was an amazing experience overall thanks to her.


After having injectables done by Dr vanVliet I feel and look fabulous!  She injected my jawline muscles with Botox to help shrink them down – my jaw shape is now thinner and my TMJ pain is gone!  It has improved my facial shape and it both feels and looks amazing.  I am getting so many compliments thanks to Dr vanVliet and her incredible staff.  There are no words to express my gratitude!  Thank you!


I first met Dr vanVliet and her team a couple of months ago and I found them to be very professional and knowledgeable – but also warm and personable.  I have been extremely happy with the rejuvenation treatments I have received.  Dr vanVliet’s approach is to enhance her clients natural look, so that you like yourself better – more refreshed, younger.  I would gladly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to look their best at any age!


I had my love handles treated with CoolSculpt. I was amazed at how effortless and painless the procedure was.  I experienced no discomfort whatsoever and managed to catch up on some beauty sleep during my treatment.  I was able to see results within weeks and I am so very happy with my final results that I am planning on having the procedure again ..on another problem area!


Dr vanVliet is wonderful. She’s very friendly.  Even if Im in the clinic for my laser treatments she will make a point of coming by to say hi and check in on my progress.  I also love Kezia.  She’s very knowledgeable, thorough and gentle during my laser treatments.  I have recommended the Van Vliet clinic to a number of people now.  They’re all wonderful!



Dr vanVliet is top notch. She knows her work. She puts people at ease – you can see how much she cares and loves her job. She sees her patients as whole people and she never talks down to them. She’s very caring and compassionate. She’s so warm you feel the love!


I was feeling discouraged with the look of my skin as I aged.  I have always had acne – I thought by the time reached my 40s that it would stop – but no such luck.  The BBL forever clear sessions treated my acne and for the first time I can go out in public without cover up!  The staff really took the time to explain everything and were very professional.


I was extremely anxious about having the Halo laser procedure done.  I can honestly say that from the consultation to the procedure day, the support from all the staff put me at ease.  My fear of my Halo laser procedure was totally unfounded – I had minimal discomfort during and after the procedure. The post procedure description was right on the mark for accuracy!  I highly recommend this procedure… Each day my skin looks better: beautiful clarity, smaller pores, less pigmentation and a rosy, dewy glow!


In preparation for my daughter’s wedding I approached Dr. vanVliet for a consultation on how I could look my best for our special day.  My concerns were addressed and a plan of action was outlined. Now, only a few weeks later, I see a vibrant woman looking in the mirror feeling youthful, bright and excited about her rejuvenation.  Thank you to Dr. vanVliet and her staff for making me feel the best I’ve felt in years!!!


For my entire life I wanted to have larger breasts… to simply fill out my dresses and shirts… . And after I had children my breasts became even smaller. After all the years I finally decided I would at least speak to someone and booked a consultation with Dr Van Vliet. She made me feel totally at ease and completely understood my desire to look natural…not huge. She didn’t make me feel I was being vain or ridiculous for thinking about getting my breasts done. When I booked the procedure she and her amazing staff walked me through everything to expect and I felt extremely supported, cared for and respected. I knew exactly what to expect. They were true to their word and the entire procedure including pre and post was seamless. I feel great and finally like my body!


Being a woman in my late 40’s I wanted to look more refreshed and less tired without looking like I was “done”. I went to the VanVliet clinic for a consultation to discuss the best approach. First of all, the consultation was with Dr. VanVliet herself! She made me feel completely comfortable and provided her own professional guidance. I felt I was in great hands and felt she recommended what I could do based on my needs… not like she was selling me what I didn’t really need. The procedure was easy and took years off my face and I feel great!


I went to Dr Van Vliet for a breast augmentation. I FINALLY fill out a bathing suit top. Thank you for great service and understanding my personal needs.


I am so grateful my family doctor highly recommended Dr. vanVliet to me for my breast reduction.  She did an amazing job and I can’t believe how my neck, back and shoulder pain has decreased to a very minimal degree.  The staff at the Van Vliet clinic are also amazing – they make you feel so comfortable and relaxed.  I could call at anytime and my questions were answered. The clinic has beautiful decor and is very inviting.  I highly recommend Dr. vanVliet – she is awesome!  I love my new breasts:) Thank you Dr. vanVliet and your great staff!


I was a little nervous at first, as anyone would be…yet everyone at the clinic was so sweet and supportive, they took away all those little fears that I had. They were always open to questions and answered all my calls. If anyone as young as I am (I am 18) is really looking to get this done, I’d recommend Dr vanVliet in a heart beat. Also Franca is a wonderful woman who helped me feel comfortable the whole time and that helped a lot!


When I first met Dr vanVliet I knew I was good -and that I didn’t have to look any further.  I felt very comfortable with her.  She has great aura and energy about her.  I found her to be very compassionate and re-assuring.


I had a PDT with levulinic acid done at the VV clinic. I love the results but prepare for about one week of down-time. I had lots of swelling and coffee ground staining but it was so worth it! My skin texture and fine wrinkles as well as pore size are all much better now.
All of the staff at the VV clinic are very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. The clinic is extremely clean and beautiful. I highly recommend the PDT as well as the clinic. I will be back!


I had the Halo laser procedure done a few weeks ago at the VV clinic. I found the treatment painless due to the application of topical anesthetic. I did develop quite a lot of redness and swelling around my eyes that lasted for about 5 days. Lots of coffee ground like spots lifted during that time. One week post Halo I just loved the look and feel of my skin and it only continues to improve.
Dr VV is extremely professional and a testament to the benefits of great skin care. Kezia is lovely, very friendly , reassuring and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the Halo treatment and the clinic. I will be back!


The Halo experience was the most effective facial treatment I have had so far. It helped with minimizing fine lines, improving the tone of my skin and reducing acne breakouts. I would highly recommend it and would easily do it again. Totally worth it!


I had the Coolsculpting done and I loved the results. I feel so much better in my clothes after having had the procedure done. Cool sculpting is worth every penny. I would recommend it to anyone.


I recently had a Halo laser treatment for concerns related to deep lines around my lips. I was not expecting to look like bride of frankenstein (after the treatment) but after only one week of downtime I was very happy to see that the deep lines were no longer visible and my skin now looks amazing! I will definitely do it again!


I am Extremely Pleased with my results after my Halo treatment. Every step of recovery was explained and went according to plan.
Results were beyond my expectations!
Cant wait for the second treatment. Marianne was awesome!!


I came to Dr vanVliet and felt so comfortable and relaxed. It was a wonderful experience from the first appointment to the last. Extremely professional and thorough. I was always so overwhelmed with my large saggy breasts and my petite body. Best decision ever having my breast lift. For the first few weeks I was sore but everyday was better than the next. A year later, I am very happy and feel wonderful. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience and result!


From the initial consultation to my post-surgery follow-up, my experience with Dr vanVliet and her staff has been a first class experience. Everyone was very knowledgeable and personable and gave me great confidence that my surgery would be a success. I had minimal bruising and no pain! ..and frankly no adverse reactions whatsoever. If you are considering any procedure with Dr vanVliet you will not be disappointed. Thank you!


I was so nervous to have my breast lift and tummy tuck done but Dr VV made these procedures a breeze. The staff were beyond my expectations of friendly! Dr VV knows her stuff and is a fantastic surgeon. My end results are far beyond what I every expected! My stomach is flat and my breasts are full and perky. I couldn’t say enough great things about my experience. I wish I had made the decision to do this sooner!


From the very start I found Dr V very confident and passionate about my whole procedure. She explained everything thoroughly and in a way easy for me to understand. My appointments were set up and followed up by her staff in a very timely, professional and friendly way. My breast lift procedure was very comfortable with very little pain or discomfort afterwards. Dr V and her nurse were very caring and informative of how everything would heal and what to expect. They were there every step of the way and always open to my calls and questions. The whole experience was a very positive one!


Dr vanVliet did my tummy tuck years ago and I am her biggest fan. When I came to her to discuss my double chin she recommended Coolsculpting -not surgery! The treatments were painless and I didn’t need to take any time off work -the fat under my chin has melted away over the past few months – I am so pleased with the results! Thanks again Dr vanVliet and team! I love you and your lovely clinic and I will definitely be back!


I am a colleague of Dr vanVliet and I came to her to get rid of my love handles. My wife loves them but I don’t! She recommended CoolSculpt instead of surgery – no one was more pleased than I to hear this. My love handles are now gone – and my wife still loves me! Thanks Dr VV!


This was the first time Id had a laser or light treatment and Marianne did a wonderful job of explaining the procedures to me and answering my questions. She did a wonderful job and the results are fantastic! My hyper pigmentation is almost completely gone – I no longer feel the need for foundation or concealer to even out my tone. She made the uncomfortable procedure more bearable by chatting with me as she worked. The pain only lasted for a few hours after the procedure. She was also available by phone the next days when I called with more questions regarding the amount of swelling I experienced post-procedure. I have already returned for a peel with Marianne and highly recommend her and Dr vanVliet


Dr vanVliet did my breast augmentation for me and I am so pleased! I didn’t want to look like I was augmented but I wanted my breasts restored to the shape and size they were before I had children. My breasts now look and feel natural and beautiful- Im so grateful to Dr vanVliet and her amazing team!