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About the Van Vliet Clinic

The Van Vliet Clinic in Newmarket was designed with our patients’ comfort, privacy and well-being in mind. It has the welcoming and relaxing look and feel of a spa, while the  state-of-the-art Plastic Surgery clinic is fully equipped with a minor surgical suite and laser and procedural rooms..  Dr vanVliet performs all of her own injectables (dermal fillers, Botox) and minor surgical skin procedures at her clinic.  Patients come to have their cosmetic skin lesions removed (ex. moles, cysts, skin tags) and also for the removal of skin cancers that require reconstruction.   All minor surgical procedures are conducted under local anesthesia – this means no fasting or lab work is required.  Dr vanVliet understands that your time is valuable to you and her goal is to reduce complexity and wait times for you.

A wide range of scientifically proven skin rejuvenation treatments have been carefully selected and are offered – they include: light and laser based therapies, injectables, Coolsculpting and chemical peels.  She oversees and coordinates all skin rejuvenation treatments and works closely with her highly qualified and trained staff to provide impeccable, personalized care that will leave you feeling and looking your best.

Most cosmetic minor surgical and skin rejuvenation procedures do not require a referral from your family physician – you can simply set up your personal  consultation by contacting the Clinic by email or by phone.  In many cases we can combine your consultation and treatment for the same day.

For skin lesions of concern (pre- or skin cancers) a formal referral by your dermatologist or family physician will be required in order to be seen under the OHIP umbrella.  Once we receive a referral from your physician an initial consultation will be coordinated in order to assess and determine the best treatment plan.   Because of the complexity of skin cancer reconstruction -planning is required and your procedure will be scheduled for a subsequent appointment.

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