Minor Surgical Procedures

Cosmetic Skin Lesion Removal

There are a variety of benign skin lesions that Dr vanVliet can surgically remove for you. These include cysts, moles, beauty marks and skin tags to name but a few. And although OHIP doesn’t provide coverage for the aesthetic removal of benign lesions – it doesn’t mean they have to be ‘keepers for life’. No referral from your family physician is required in order to be assessed by Dr vanVliet for cosmetic skin lesions. You can simply reach out by email or by phone and we will coordinate your consultation with Dr. vanVliet. She will create a personalized treatment plan for you and when possible offer you same day surgical correction. This saves you time and reduces complexity for you.

Skin Cancers

Referral by your dermatologist or family physician will be required in order to be assessed and treated by Dr vanVliet. The assessment and treatment of pre-cancerous and skin cancer lesions are covered under the OHIP umbrella. Initial consultation with Dr vanVliet will be coordinated after receiving a referral from your physician. Because of the complexity of skin cancer reconstructive surgery, careful planning is involved and your surgical appointment will need to be scheduled for a subsequent visit. Most skin cancers can be removed under local anesthesia and do not require you go to sleep, come off your medications, fast or get lab work. Our wait times for surgery are kept short so surgical planning can often be done within weeks of your initial consultation.