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What is Arm Lift

An arm lift is called brachioplasty. Weight fluctuations and substantial weight loss can leave patients with extensive skin laxity and folds that are uncomfortable and not at all pleasing to the eye. I have had many teary-eyed patients come through my office who, although happy with their weight loss, are very unhappy with their subsequent appearance. Arm skin laxity is difficult to hide without staying fully sleeved all year long. For those patients, an arm lift can be the answer.

The extent of the arm skin laxity can range from mild to severe. In mild cases, the laxity or residual fullness can be addressed with non-surgical modalities such as CoolSculpting® or radio frequency Pellefirm® skin tightening. These are non-surgical, safe and effective modalities with no downtime from work or life … and no scars.

For more extensive laxity, a brachioplasty or arm lift surgery is required. The extent of skin laxity determines the extent and location of the scars. In general, most brachioplasty incisions extend from the elbow to the underarm area in order to gently taper the arm shape. A general rule of thumb is that the extent of skin looseness determines the subsequent length of corrective arm incisions. In the most severe cases, the arm lift incisions can extend beyond the armpit onto the chest wall to include the breasts. Lifting breasts and correcting chest wall skin laxity at the time of an arm lift is often referred to as an upper body lift. I see all of these procedures as being on a continuum; that being from least invasive to most invasive. Together, we decide which procedure is going to be best for you during your initial consultation.

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