BBL Forever Clear®

BBL Forever Clear

This medical grade Broad band light (BBL) treatment combines the power of different wavelengths of light to help control and reduce acne flare ups.

What is BBL Forever Clear®?

Blue light is used to penetrate below the skin to kill the bacteria that cause acne.  The blue light also helps reduce sebum oil production.  Red light is then used to target the vessels and inflammation associated with active acne.

 This potent combination treatment will help control and reduce the occurrence of acne flare ups, scarring and inflammation.  It can help acne prone patients achieve beautiful, clear skin without the medications and facial scrubs that damage and dry out the skin.  The Forever Clear skin treatment is a powerful way to eliminate acne from the inside out!

The treatments are quick (30-35 minutes / Tx ), safe and easy to tolerate.  There is no down-time with these treatments.  The results are cumulative and within one to two sessions most patients start to see improvements in their complexion and gradual fading of their facial redness.

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We recommend a total of 6 treatments over 3 weeks.  Two treatments a week allow us to make significant inroads in killing the bacteria that subtend your acne – without the use of antibiotics!

It also allows us to effectively reduce the reactive redness from inflammation that has your skin looking uneven and blotchy.   The results are cumulative but most patients start seeing improvement and clarity of their complexion within one to two sessions. Patients can maintain their new found clear skin after their initial 6 treatment protocol with periodic touch up treatments  every 3 months.

For your initial treatments we recommend a bundle of 6 treatments, and for this we charge $1,195.  For subsequent and periodic touch ups the cost is $250 per treatment.

Anyone with acne prone skin knows well the challenge of keeping their skin clear and free of acne flare ups.  Acne can be difficult to control and to predict.  That being said the Forever Clear protocol is one of the most potent and skin friendly ways of controlling your acne by going underneath the skin to kill the bacteria that cause your acne.  Once we have your skin looking clear we recommend periodic touch up treatments every 3 months.