Breast Augmentation Revision


breast-augmentation-revisionPatients at our Newmarket practice choose Dr. Deborah vanVliet to perform breast augmentation revision surgery because of her extensive cosmetic experience in rejuvenating women’s breasts — and confidence. The majority of women who get breast augmentation are happy with the results, but some experience complications or simply want to replace older implants with a newer generation of breast implants. Dr. vanVliet can help.

Women from Barrie, Vaughn, Markham, and other surrounding areas travel to our Newmarket practice for Dr. vanVliet’s breast revision surgery experience. To find out whether you may benefit from such a procedure, request a consultation using our online form, or call our office at .

Before & After Breast Revision

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Reasons for Breast Revision Surgery

There are many reasons women decide to undergo revision breast surgery. Those reasons include:

  • Age
  • Hormonal changes
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Additionally, women might meet with Dr. vanVliet because they want a second opinion about the aesthetic and functional outcomes of a cosmetic breast procedure performed by another plastic surgeon.

During your initial consultation with Dr. vanVliet, she discusses what bothers you most about the appearance and feel of your breasts and explains the options available to address those concerns. Working closely with you, Dr. vanVliet tailors a treatment plan based on your input and the physical exam she performs. An initial assessment requires a referral from your family physician.

Breast Augmentation Revision Before & After

Patient #1
Procedure: Breast Augmentation (Removal & Replacement)

This 53-year old woman presented with breast descent around firm and distorted 30+ year old silicone gel implants. Her implants were very firm because of capsular contracture and were sitting high on her chest. She was unhappy with the firm feel and the appearance of her breasts. She wanted to use the opportunity to downsize her implants during her implant exchange and breast lift so she could have a lighter, lifted look. I did full capsulectomies with removal of her old silicone gel implants. I replaced them with round 225 cc silicone gel implants and then did a breast lift for her. Here she is 3 months following her surgery.breast-implant-replacementbreast-implant-replacement

Patient #2
Procedure: Breast Augmentation (Removal & Replacement)

This 60-year old mother of 3 wanted to remove her 30+ year old silicone gel implants. Her right breast was very firm because of capsular contracture and this distorted her breast. She also wanted to down size and to have a lift. We opted to do a breast lift and some liposuction at the time of her capsulectomy and removal of implants. Here she is at 6 months following her surgery. She is lighter and lifted and much more comfortable.breast-implant-removalbreast-implant-removal

Breast Revision Procedures

Breast revision surgery encompasses a range of procedures that can be further customized to meet your unique needs. Many of the women who consider revision surgery have undergone breast augmentation with implants, but others have different concerns. The most common breast revision procedures Dr. vanVliet performs include:

  • Correction for recurrent breast descent, laxity, or growth after previous breast reduction or breast lift procedures
  • Breast implant removal with or without replacement implants, fat grafting, or breast lift
  • Correction of functional and aesthetic issues related to breast implants, including implant rupture or deflation, desire to change the style or size of the implants, or changing the implant or implants’ position
  • Revision of breast scars
  • Revision of breast contour or volume after breast reconstruction, including lumpectomy contour defects or correction of more complex breast mound reconstructions
  • Nipple contour corrections

Breast revision surgery poses more challenges for the plastic surgeon than the initial surgery. Scar tissue and other complications require the experience of a surgeon such as Dr. vanVliet, who has the technical skills and knowledge to produce consistently excellent results.

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