Nipple Contour Correction

Nipple Correction

The two common nipple issues that Dr. vanVliet treats are that of nipple over-projection or its opposite, the inverted nipple.

What is a Nipple Contour

The two common nipple issues that Dr. vanVliet treats are that of nipple over-projection or its opposite, the inverted nipple. The normal nipple lies fairly flat and supple and only becomes firm and erect when stimulated. The protruding nipple is prominent and firm and is difficult to camoufloge even with bras and clothing. In contrast, the inverted nipple is unable to become erect or firm with stimulation. This is due to tight breast ducts that reign in and pull the nipple inwards. Nipple inversion commonly develops in puberty and after nursing. If nipple inversion develops later on in life it it important to investigate this to ensure there is no underlying breast disease.

Either condition can be physically uncomfortable and a source of emotional distress, especially if the issue is

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For my entire life I wanted to have larger breasts... to simply fill out my dresses and shirts... . And after I had children my breasts became even smaller. After all the years I finally decided I would at least speak to someone and booked a consultation with Dr Van Vliet. She made me feel totally at ease and completely understood my desire to look natural...not huge. She didn’t make me feel I was being vain or ridiculous for thinking about getting my breasts done. When I booked the procedure she and her amazing staff walked me through everything to expect and I felt extremely supported, cared for and respected. I knew exactly what to expect. They were true to their word and the entire procedure including pre and post was seamless. I feel great and finally like my body!


Being a woman in my late 40’s I wanted to look more refreshed and less tired without looking like I was “done”. I went to the VanVliet clinic for a consultation to discuss the best approach. First of all, the consultation was with Dr. VanVliet herself! She made me feel completely comfortable and provided her own professional guidance. I felt I was in great hands and felt she recommended what I could do based on my needs... not like she was selling me what I didn’t really need. The procedure was easy and took years off my face and I feel great!


I went to Dr Van Vliet for a breast augmentation. I FINALLY fill out a bathing suit top. Thank you for great service and understanding my personal needs.


I am so grateful my family doctor highly recommended Dr. vanVliet to me for my breast reduction.  She did an amazing job and I can’t believe how my neck, back and shoulder pain has decreased to a very minimal degree.  The staff at the Van Vliet clinic are also amazing - they make you feel so comfortable and relaxed.  I could call at anytime and my questions were answered. The clinic has beautiful decor and is very inviting.  I highly recommend Dr. vanVliet - she is awesome!  I love my new breasts:) Thank you Dr. vanVliet and your great staff!


I was a little nervous at first, as anyone would be…yet everyone at the clinic was so sweet and supportive, they took away all those little fears that I had. They were always open to questions and answered all my calls. If anyone as young as I am (I am 18) is really looking to get this done, I’d recommend Dr vanVliet in a heart beat. Also Franca is a wonderful woman who helped me feel comfortable the whole time and that helped a lot!


I was feeling discouraged with the look of my skin as I have aged. I have always had acne - I thought by the time I reached my 40’s that it would stop - but no such luck! The BBL forever clear sessions treated my acne and for the first time I can go out in public without wearing cover-up! The staff really took the time to explain everything and were very professional.


I was extremely anxious about having this laser procedure done. I can honestly say that from the consultation to procedure day, the support from all the staff through their shared experience/knowledge put me at ease. My fear of the Halo procedure was totally unfounded - I had minimal discomfort during and after the procedure. The post procedure description was right on the mark for accuracy! I highly recommend this procedure..each day my skin looks better: beautiful clarity, smaller pores, less pigmentation and a rosy, dewy glow…


I had my love-handles treated with CoolSculpt.  I was amazed at how effortless and painless the procedure was.  I experienced no discomfort whatsoever and managed to catch up on some beauty sleep while it all happened. I was able to see results within weeks and I am so very happy with my final results that I am planning on having the procedure again on another ‘problem’ area!


Dr. vanVliet is amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor before, during or after my tummy tuck surgery.  Her whole staff was excellent as well.  Even my husband loved it at the Van Vliet clinic - they let him be present and involved in my care.  I would have my tummy tuck again in a heartbeat!  Out of 10 I would give the Van Vliet Clinic a 15!


I would recommend Dr vanVliet to anyone!  Her style is comforting but direct. She is very thorough and honest and she prepared me well for my surgery and recovery.  I was never worried and I had an amazing experience overall - thanks to her.


Dr vanVliet is top notch. She knows her work.  She puts people at ease - you can see how much she cares and loves her job.  She sees her patients as whole people and she never talks down to them.  She’s very caring and compassionate.  She’s so warm - you feel the love!


When I first met Dr vanVliet I knew I was good -and that I didn't have to look any further.  I felt very comfortable with her.  She has great aura and energy about her.  I found her to be very compassionate and re-assuring.


I would recommend Dr vanVliet and her clinic in a heartbeat!  I would not hesitate.  Dr vanVliet is a very compassionate doctor with a great bedside manner.  She was always supportive and I  felt listened to and cared for by her- and her wonderful team.  I would say that both my breast reduction and tummy tuck procedures were wonderful experiences.


Correction of nipple inversion or protusion significantly reduces your potential to breast feed, so this is an important consideration. It is important to be realistic regarding the extent of projection you will get in the long-term for correction of the inverted nipple.

The Ideal Surgical Candidate is

  • a nonsmoker
  • older than 17 years of age with fully developed, stable breast size
  • realistic about likely loss of breast-feeding potential realistic about scars on the breast mounds
  • in good physical and mental health with no existing breast disease.

correction is the sole procedure, plans can be made to do this simply and safely under local anesthetic. If nipple correction is to be combined with another breast or body contouring procedure, it can be done at the same time under a general anesthetic.

This is a short operative procedure that is well tolerated and is commonly done under local anesthetic. Usually, we will apply some topical anesthetic to the area to be treated for 30-60 minutes prior to your surgery. The procedure takes approximately one hour and you will have a light dressing on with an overlying protective compression bra. You will be fine to drive yourself home, but no exertion is recommended for a few days.

A small incision is made at the base of the nipple. In the case of nipple inversion, the constricting bands/ducts are selectively released and the incision is closed with an absorbable stitch. For nipple protrusion, most incisions are limited to the base of the nipple. Additional incisions around the areola may be required if the protrusion is combined with areolar droopiness. Most of these procedures can be safely and comfortably done under local anesthetic unless they are combined with another breast or body contouring procedure under a general anesthetic.

The initial dressing and protective compression bra stay in place, dry and clean, for two days. After that, you can shower and gently wash your breasts with normal soap and water. Application of an antibiotic ointment and a protective gauze dressing should be done for about one week. The absorbable stitches will absorb over this time. You will be functional almost immediately but you should limit exertion, sports and sexual touch for the first month so as not to disturb wound healing.

risk of bleeding, infection or pain. The scars tend to heal very well and are usually very limited. There may be some loss of sensation to the nipple depending on the extent of correction required, but usually this is quite minimal. There is a significant reduction in breast feeding potential as a result of these surgical interventions. With nipple inversion corrective procedures, you may not get full projection and there is a potential for recurrence of the inversion over time.

Dr. vanVliet will be able to advise you on the cost of your procedure based on your initial consultation with her. The cost will be reflective of the work to be done. Fees are due three weeks prior to the surgical date and can be paid by certified cheque/ money order or credit/debit card.
To find out if a Nipple Contour Correction procedure would be beneficial for you, and/or If you would like to learn more, please refer to our fees & financing section or contact us by phone or email to schedule your consultation with Dr. vanVliet.